Aims of Program:
USYS National League Elite 64 features year-round competition in six age groups (13U, 14U, 15U, 16U, 17U and 18/19U) for the top 64 boys clubs and top 64 girls clubs in the country. The annual competition calendar includes the league season, national showcases and the Elite 64 National Finals.

Thanks to partnerships with world leaders in their respective fields, Elite 64 players have access to tools and technology to capture key information that can be shared with college coaches and professional scouts — making every game a recruitable moment.

Teams play up to 14 league games over a 10-month season, with a schedule created to aid the players’ periodization and involvement in high school soccer. Multiple scheduling options are available to accommodate travel concerns and allow for clubs to complete their league season in the most sensible way possible.

The Elite 64 Showcases present an unmatched recruiting opportunity for college coaches and scouts, as the best players from the National League’s top club-centric model (Elite 64) play each other in a single event alongside league games from the National League’s top team-centric model (National League P.R.O.). Elite 64 players enjoy competing at best-in-class facilities against high-level competition with diverse matchups.

All teams attend the Elite 64 National Finals. Top finishers from the league season play in the top-tier bracket to compete for the title of Elite 64 Team Champion in each age group. Teams that do no play in the top-tier bracket still enjoy meaningful competition, as every result from the other brackets contribute points to the clubs’ race to become the overall Elite 64 Club Champion.


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